Reframing Student’s Mental Well Being Using Big Data

literature review and a case study of social media data mining

Author: Nindy Paramaarti, Fan Sun, Qianqian Zheng

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Data is increasingly involved in all aspects of our life, as well as design. Social media data is defined as all of the raw information collected from social media platforms, which records the social activities and interactions online. With its high variety, volume and velocity, social media data can support a number of data analysis approaches, such as inquiry, text analysis, image recognition, and sensor applications. It has already been widely used in marketing and business industries.

However, there is not any standardised method to guide designers to access and use data as a resource for design work yet. In this study, we therefore conducted a 5-day workshop titled "Reframing Student’s Mental Well Being Using Big Data" with 5 junior designers, observing and interviewing during the work process, to understand how to combine social media text data analysis with qualitative data analysis in the early phase of a design process.